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Review – Menagerie of the Ice Lord

25 febbraio 2013

Menagerie of the Ice Lord is a Labyrinth Lord adventure (compatible with most d&d retroclones) for characters level 1-5.

Thr first 22 pages describe a small village in a snowy land, and the castle where the adventure is set: it seems the lord of the castle has had some kind of accident and his precious magic crystals are now left unguarded (maybe). The castle consists of five floors plus the basement (totalling 100 rooms) and the maps are very readable and clear. The room descriptions are short and functional.

The second half of the booklet describes the 30 new monsters and creatures roaming the castle, each with a simple but effective illustration (you can see some of them at the author’s blog).

Beside the booklet, MotIL includes a sheet with all the maps together on one side (that’s very handy), and a custom character sheet on the other.

The in print version includes a gridded plastic sheet that can be used in various ways, for example to map some parts of the castle during exploration.


– 100 rooms, 30 new creatures!

– Nice, functional presentation: very readable text and maps, lots of illustrations, texts without useless fluff.

– Exceptional quality/price ratio for the print version, and no extra charge for Europe buyers. Unfortunately it is currently sold out! PDF is still an option.

– Location based scenario: easily dropped into your sandbox.


– A few typos (just a few).

– Maps don’t show clearly if the stairs go up, down, or both ways! Checking the descriptions, or the other floors, solves all doubts anyway. All the floor maps can be found together in the map sheet.

– I would have liked to find gold value for some of the objects that I believe my players will want to take from the castle.

– Besides the magic crystals and some other magic items, the castle holds no conventional treasure.


Highly recommended! The small CONs I’ve noted can be easily fixed or just ignored; the print version is a miracle: I would buy other adventures like this one, with such quality and such a low price, by the dozen.


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  1. 25 febbraio 2013 22:55

    Thanks! I appreciate you getting the word out!


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